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The Buzz 03/04/18: Anonymous comments from our readers on the issues of the day

More people read my Buzzes than read your protest signs.

Florida youth are now woke. National and state legislators remain asleep

The new Dreamers: people who were given guns as children through no fault of their own.

What i$ the rea$on that Burr and Tillis are $o quiet about $chool $hootings?

What doesn’t the NRA understand about “well-regulated”?

Armed teachers don’t need to be trained. Just the knowledge they’re armed will stop school shooters.

If Putin has Trump wrapped around his finger, why does Vlad need a fistful of “invincible” nuclear missiles?

It wasn’t our best Olympics, but it surely was our worst commercials.

It’s Franklin Graham’s turn to shine!

It’s time to do something about the water when even an alligator can’t survive in the Catawba.

Charlotte, too boring, too racist, too expensive, too anti-gay. First Amazon passes, next the CIAA?

Bob Rucho rides again! No airport is safe.