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The Buzz 03/11/18: anonymous comments from our readers on the issues of the day

President Trump, stop bullying Mr. Magoo and worry more about Boris and Natasha!

Vladimir Putin has all the best words.

If the trade problem is China, why are we picking on our friends?

If North Korea had come to the table during Obama’s term, our media would be clamoring for a second Nobel Peace Prize.

All Trump statements have a 24-hour expiration date.

Trump brags about his tax cut. But tariffs are a huge back-door tax hike!

“Stormy weather, since my man and I ain’t together . . .”

If those high-school gun protesters are so smart, why aren’t they working?

First there was the War on Christmas. Now they’ve declared war on the Billy Graham National Holiday.

No college involved in the FBI’s basketball probe should be allowed to participate in the NCAA tournament.

Does anyone actually read the “Wumo” comic strip before it’s printed in the paper?

Coyotes hunt cats. So they’re not all bad.