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The Buzz 05/20/19: Anonymous comments from our readers on the issues of the day

"Yanny or Laurel?" Fake news! Nobody actually hears "Yanny".

We're replacing the Big Cat with the Fat Cat.

Subsidizing a billionaire’s football team is akin to asking the homeless to help pay for a new roof on your house.

Hey teachers, how much funding is enough and when can we finally start to see some results?

Teachers are called heroes until they ask for a raise. Then they're called "thugs."

Teachers play hooky; students dance!

With China's $500 million investment in Trump's Indonesian resort, Trump's China policy becomes Trump's personal enrichment policy.

Legalizing gambling is like legalizing speed.

The city doesn't need to build a 1,000 room hotel. Just put cots in their empty NASCAR Hall of Fame.

Where was Pat McCrory when the White Political Caucus ran Charlotte?

I'm sick of doctors airing their dirty lab coats in public.

LaWana Mayfield proves you can't reason with ignorance.