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The Buzz 06/11/18: Anonymous comments from our readers on the issues of the day

Scott Pruitt's EPA: Everyday Plundering of America.

The legislature's changed the definition of milk after they've milked us for years.

The Town Charter School Bill can't resegregate what's already resegregated.

Charlotte is suffering from Atrium fibrillation.

If Charlotte's always the worst in every national ranking, why are so many people moving here?

We've had anti-bias training. When do we have good manners training?

Were the Founding Fathers disrespecting the British flag and anthem?

So we are buddies with North Korea now, but not Mexico and Canada?

We need to go to a parliamentary system. It's time for a no-confidence vote in Donald Trump.

Donald Trump may not be good at spelling, but he's a whiz at division.

LaWana Mayfield tells her critics, "Forget you!" Wish we could return the favor.

Any truth to the rumor that LaWana Mayfield is taking over the starring role on the Roseanne show?