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The Buzz 06/17/18: Anonymous comments from our readers on the issues of the day

Democrats need to stop assuming the worst about Trump’s "keep them guessing" style.

Trump calls G-7 and Putin yells, "Bingo!"

Even before the G-7 summit, it was obvious Trump enjoys stormy relationships.

Robert DeNiro stars in "Raging Fool."

Trump's old show: "You're Fired!" Trump's new show: "You're pardoned!"

Rep. Walter Jones is the cat's pajamas!

Rep. Jones, Republicans are supposed to eliminate regulations, not add new ones.

There's always an empty parking spot out front for shoppers at Amazon.com.

Charlotte City Council passes another tax increase while wondering why Fort Mill is growing so fast.

Our legislators know how to bleed a taxpayer, but not how to milk an almond.

Get rid of social media and half the problems in the world will go away.

Once Atrium finally takes over North Carolina they can finally get back to providing great healthcare.