What burning question would you love to ask Gov. Pat McCrory over lunch?

The N.C. GOP is offering voters a chance to win a lunch with Gov. Pat McCrory.
The N.C. GOP is offering voters a chance to win a lunch with Gov. Pat McCrory. N.C. GOP

You’ve got thoughts about the challenges North Carolina’s facing.

You’re concerned about the scarcity of good jobs, or protecting the environment, or upholding traditional values, or maybe just the ungodly lines in the DMV offices.

We’ve got just the venue you need to share those thoughts. No, not the comments section. We’re talking about lunch with Gov. Pat McCrory, the man folks credit or blame (depending on political persuasion) with pretty much everything that’s going wrong or right in the state.

The chance at lunch with Gov. Pat comes courtesy of the N.C. GOP, which has a voter registration booth at the state fair through Sunday. You can enter there for your chance to win, or you can visit this site online.

What will the winner want to chat with him about? Who knows? But here’s what we’d love to hear asked:

▪ (If a conservative wins the lunch) In a state that’s almost evenly split along ideological lines, how hard can Republicans realistically push a conservative agenda before risking a critical mass of backlash from moderates and liberals? And what do we do if the tax cuts we pushed so hard for don’t stimulate the economy?

▪ (If a moderate/independent/liberal crashes the party) Governor, since conservatives in the legislature have pulled you in their policy directions more than you’ve pushed them toward yours, tell me why a vote for you isn’t a de facto vote for the Tea Party’s agenda? And if you feel you have done more than Senate leader Phil Berger to shape North Carolina’s current brand of GOP policymaking, can you give three examples where you’ve opposed him on major policy issues and won?

What questions would you ask the governor? Sound off in the comments section. Eric Frazier