Top 9 lines overheard at Republican convention so far today

North Carolina’s delegation had a very full breakfast to kick off Day 3 of the RNC this morning, including remarks from both the state’s U.S. senators – Thom Tillis and Richard Burr – as well as Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

Here are the top 9 overheard lines so far today:

9. Thom Tillis: With Mike Pence as governor in Indiana, “they’ve cut taxes every year he’s been in office, kinda like what we did in North Carolina. Maybe not quite as extreme and good.”

8. Tillis: President Obama invited me to greet him and Hillary Clinton on the tarmac in Charlotte. “I told him I had to get a haircut.”

7. Scott Walker, who faced a recall election in 2012: “Your governor, who has been under more attack than anybody I think since ... me.”

6. Walker: “There are a lot of friends of mine who have been wringing their hands of late” about having Donald Trump as the Republican nominee. But “Unless you want to just concede Hillary Clinton will be the next president of the United States, we gotta get behind Donald Trump.”

5. Walker: “Three words should scare any of us as conservatives: Justice Elizabeth Warren.”

4. Walker: “I would not even give Hillary Clinton the password to my iPhone, let alone access to classified information.”

3. Walker: Paul Ryan was working at a McDonald’s as a teen. “Paul’s manager, honest to God truth, told him to flip hamburgers in the back because he didn’t have the interpersonal skills to work the front cash register.”

2. N.C. Republican Party Chairman Robin Hayes: Sen. Richard Burr is in a “very competitive election” with Democrat Deborah Ross.

1. Richard Burr: “It is the last election where I will ever run for elected office.”