Taylor Batten

Kevin Siers’ greatest hits of 2018

July 5, 2018
July 5, 2018

Next to Kevin Siers’ drawing board sits a framed note on White House letterhead.

It thanks Siers for sharing the original of a recent cartoon. “I’ll keep your drawing as a token of friendship from a thoughtful American,” the letter said. It was signed by Ronald Reagan.

Reagan’s note also congratulates Siers for being named the best young editorial cartoonist by the American Association of Editorial Cartoonists.

Fast-forward almost 32 years and Siers is now the president of that association. He is also a Pulitzer Prize winner, one of the best cartoonists in America, and a treasured member of the Charlotte Observer’s editorial board.

Siers’s hilarious, insightful and unflinching commentary through his cartoons begins with an intense interest in public affairs. He nurtures that by gobbling up news and commentary from around the city, state and nation like Joey Chestnut at a hotdog-eating contest. He then mixes in a dash of skepticism, a big helping of artistic talent and – voila! – Vi Lyles, or Phil Berger or Donald Trump on a platter.

(It is those same ingredients, incidentally, that make him such a solid contributor to editorial board conversations in which we formulate our opinions on issues of the day.)

2018 was another year of riches for Siers, who has been drawing for the Observer since 1987. Trump’s antics, the legislature, climate change deniers, Wells Fargo – every week brought another ripe target.

Here, we picked out some of Kevin’s best work from the year. We hope they give you a chuckle and some insight into the news. Come back in 2019 for much more!

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