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Panthers Tracks: Carolina’s bye week came at a perfect time ... for us, too

Ah, the glorious, glorious bye week.

That’s for the Carolina Panthers and for us. For the team, this bye comes at an opportune time, health-wise. It should give injured starters Trai Turner, Greg Little and Donte Jackson time to finish recovering from their injuries in full. While a group riding a four-game winning streak might prefer to just keep the momentum rolling, getting those key players back is worth a pause. It also doesn’t hurt to have an extra week for coaches to prepare for the team’s next game, a daunting matchup with the undefeated 49ers in San Francisco.

As for us? We’ll gladly take a little time to rest and recover after a short but exhausting trip to London. Four days abroad wasn’t enough to get my body clock adjusted to London time, and flying back so soon has only further screwed me up. Needless to say, I’ll gladly take a few lighter days and a chance to sleep in. As our British counterparts would say, I’m proper knackered.

That said ... just because it’s the bye doesn’t mean we haven’t continuing churning out stories for you all. We’ve got final dispatches from London, plus a few other pieces to keep you in the loop while the team is away.

And again, it’s all for y’all. Boy does it feel good to say y’all again after a week abstaining — and boy does it feel good to be back home.

Brendan Marks

Programming note

Panthers Tracks will take Monday off and resume Oct. 25 with some big news.

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