Aprils Fools' pranks from the sports world. They're what's for breakfast on Twitter.

An April Fools' Day tweet implies Charlotte has competition for the CIAA basketball tournament.
An April Fools' Day tweet implies Charlotte has competition for the CIAA basketball tournament. From Twitter

Social media and April Fools' Day are an obvious match, but the combination might be just a bit played out.

After all, Twitter's been around for more than 10 years, so the shock value died long ago. These days, no one wants to be accused of spreading fake news. And with Easter falling on April 1, religious holiday tweets are easier to do and never got anyone fired.

Still anyone with a sense of humor has to be tempted to give it a try. Sports figures, perhaps inspired by the great hoaxes of days past, are no different.

So, in the spirit of the Siddhartha Finch, a candidate for the greatest sports-related prank of all time, here are a few good ones from Sunday, some with a local connection.

Though a "tour" of NASCAR driver sites found mostly Easter cheer, one driver and a sponsor cooked up — literally — a whole new way to do breakfast.

This video shows Aric Amirola digging into a bowl of Smithfield Bacon Crisps Cereal, perhaps a dream of someone on the Atkins diet. The food company's website even includes a page with a fake nutritional label, though the calorie count seems a bit low. No carbs, though.

Imagine how many bowls of those other cereals you'd have to eat to equal the cholesterol found in just one bowl of Bacon Crisps.

Amirola came clean a bit later with a second video, though there had to be a few people disappointed.

The CIAA teased Charlotte a bit with a press release announcing a new home — the fictional African country of Wakanda from the "Black Panther" comic books and movie — for its annual basketball tournament.

Clearly, this was never intended to truly fool anyone, though the college sports league really is about to enter negotiations on whether to stay in Charlotte, where the tournament's been held for 13 years, or move on when its contract expires in 2020.

For those willing to play along, the humor is found within the release. For instance, CIAA festivities would expand to include "advanced Vibranium technology training" — no mention, though, of what to do with those needing the entry-level version.

Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey hasn't tweeted in a while, but his dad, Ed McCaffrey, found some inspiration in charbroiled chocolate. Try cleaning that off those three Super Bowl rings.

Someone at NASCAR headquarters created a prank-themed slideshow for racing fans. If you've ever wondered how Dale Earnhardt Jr. would react if he bit into a doughnut full of mayonnaise, this gallery has the answer.

A few websites Sunday rounded up more April Fools' pranks from around the nation.

New Orleans Pelicans star Anthony Davis, noted for his iconic unibrow, released a shaky video Saturday in which he appears to use a multi-bladed razor to pad his eyebrow stat.

That oversized, overpriced modern razor — much too big for the task — should have been a giveaway even before he dropped his phone.

Sure enough, on Sunday, the former Kentucky star — Davis led the 2012 Wildcats, along with the Charlotte Hornets' Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, to the 2012 NCAA championship — tweeted that it was all a prank.

Photos from Sunday's game confirmed it was a joke. At least there's a "how'd he do that" element to this one.

Thunder Pelicans Basketball (1).JPG
He's still got it, the unibrow, that is. In a photo from Sunday's game , New Orleans Pelicans forward Anthony Davis, right, still sports just one eyebrow. Gerald Herbert AP Photo

The Jacksonville Jaguars, who apparently really will unveil a new uniform later this month, published a fake tweet with a fake uniform, making it look like an accidental post. This one may backfire; some people really liked the fake uniforms. Perhaps the bar is set too high for the real ones.

Sports Illustrated's Scooby Axson rounded up more April Fools' Day pranks, for those that can't get enough.