Ron Green Sr. is thankful for Beth, and here are 29 years worth of reasons

Ron Green Sr.’s column on Thanksgiving Day is an Observer tradition ( here is this year’s), and every year he mentions his wife, Beth, letting his obvious love for her shine through. We went back through the columns from the past 29 Thanksgivings, as far back as the Observer’s electronic archives go, and compiled his reason’s he’s thankful for Beth. And here they are:

2014: Beth, my favorite wife. How has she put up with me all this long? She has a good sense of humor, is all I can guess.

2013: Beth and I have been together for 58 years now and I think it might last if I behave myself.

2012: My wife Beth. We’ve been together for almost 58 years and we’ll be together as long as I have a heart.

2011: The former Beth Griffin, that cute girl at church. She’s been Beth Green for quite awhile now and if she can continue to put up with ol’ Ron fussing about his putting and forgetting to turn off lights, I think it might last.

2010: Our “happy hour,” when Beth and I share books, wine, music and conversation. If I start to complain about my golf game that day she’ll say something like, “Did you enjoy being out in the sunshine, playing a game with your friends?” and that’ll be that. I hush and go back to my book.

2009: Beth’s way with children. Her love of all living creatures, except bugs. Her caring for an ol’ husband who forgets stuff but never forgets one thing – what she means to him.

2008: Love. Nothing in the world like it. Beth and I have had more than half a century of it and we recommend it.

2007: Beth, who fills in the blanks when I can’t remember a name or a date or how to turn on the oven for cheese toast. We’re in our 52nd year together, or is it 53rd?

2006: My wife Beth. Like the song says, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

2005: Beth, about whom songs should be sung, poems written. OK, so I get a little carried away. Sue me. Our family, spread from here to New York to Dallas but always close to our hearts. I could show you pictures.

2004: A faded newspaper clipping that attests to the long ago wedding of a pretty young girl named Elizabeth Griffin to a skinny sportswriter named Ronald C. Green, the best thing that ever happened to me.

2003: Beth, teaching a granddaughter to cook, talking to the birds, feeding the rabbits that come visiting, remembering everybody’s birthday, reminding her forgetful husband of where his glasses are and generally making the world a better place, even when she sings off-key.

2002: Beth. All these years and she’s still Beth, which is like saying sunshine is still sunshine.

2001: Mrs. Green. When Beth was going for an electrocardiogram recently, a friend said, “All they are going to find is a big heart.” Any of us who know her could have told them that. She’s well, and for that I am on-my-knees thankful.

2000: Beth singing a lullaby to little Molly, off-key maybe but Molly doesn’t care. Beth saying good morning to the birds that flock to our house for the food she offers them. Beth teaching a granddaughter to set a table and a grandson to make believe. Beth, who never doubts for one minute why God made her.

1999: Beth, who loves birds, dogs, music, kids and me. And almost everything else. And they love her back.

1998: Beth, with whom I have been involved in a romantic affair for quite some time now.

1997: My Beth, who has the warmest heart I have ever known. She is Mother Teresa, only a lot prettier. And she knows who won what Super Bowls.

1996: Listening from another room to Beth and one of our grandchildren talking about the ordinary and making it seem magical.

1995: Beth, who has walked this long walk with me and filled it with joy. Talkin’ ‘bout my girl.

1994: Beth, the best thing that ever happened to me. I’ve said that before. I just thought I should say it again.

1993: The day a pretty girl named Letitia Elizabeth (Beth) Griffin said yes to a skinny sportswriter.

1992: The twilight hour, when Beth and I sit and talk about the day and the years. We’ve been together for 37 of those years now. It’s what sportswriters call a stable franchise.

1991: Beth, my favorite wife, gentle of heart, sweet of smile, generous of soul, and not a bad looker, either.

1990: Beth, still my sweetheart after all these years. Who would have thought she could put up with it this long?

1989: My squeeze, Beth, a saint for putting up with an errand-dodging, coffee-spilling, date-forgetting, steak-burning, golf-playing ne’er-do-well like myself for all these years.

1988: Beth, with whom I joyfully and thankfully share all things, most especially love. And the 3-iron shot that narrowly missed going in and left her with a gimme birdie that made her feel for a while like Nancy Lopez.

1987: Beth’s “gimme” birdie this fall at Westport Golf Club. Beth’s pot roast. Beth laughing at John Boy and Billy in the mornings. Beth with me on a road trip. Beth sharing a quiet dinner at home. Beth singing off-key. Beth hugging ol’ Ace. Beth.

1986: Beth, my wonderful, wacky wife and the sunshine of my life.

1985: Beth, my wife. She can’t sing two notes in a row but she’ll put a song in your heart.

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