Charlotte Hornets

Paul Silas rips Boris Diaw's intensity

This story originally ran in the Observer on March 8, 2012

The Charlotte Bobcats didn't activate forward Boris Diaw for Wednesday's game against the Utah Jazz, and based on the tone of coach Paul Silas' comments, Diaw might never play here again.

"I think if he had played all out, the way he should have, it would have been a much, much better club," Silas said, when asked why Diaw has fallen out of the rotation entirely.

Diaw was active, but didn't play vs. the Orlando Magic Tuesday, breaking a string of 384 consecutive game appearances. Diaw's agent has contacted the Bobcats about a buyout, but the team would only consider that after the March. 15 trade deadline.

Diaw was not in the locker room during the 45-minute period before the game when media have access.

Silas was quite direct in describing his dissatisfaction with Diaw's play this season. The forward is averaging 7.7 points and 5.6 rebounds and shooting 41 percent.

"I like a player who is really committed to not only the team but to himself and then doing the best he can as a player," Silas said. "Some of the things that would go on, like not shooting the ball (and) passing all of the time... I needed hoops and he could put the ball in the hoop. When that wouldn't happen it was very disturbing."

Asked if Diaw would ever play again for the Bobcats, Silas replied, "We just have to wait and see."