Charlotte Hornets

Charlotte Hornets watching draft lottery

The Hornets are not participating in Tuesday’s NBA draft lottery (8 p.m., ESPN), but Charlotte has a vested interest in it anyway.

The Hornets are owed a first-round selection by the Detroit Pistons and will get the Pistons’ selection in the June 26 draft if it falls outside the first eight selections. Detroit is slotted at No. 8 of 14 teams in the lottery but could be bumped to No. 9, No. 10 or No. 11 if one or more of the six teams seeded below it earns a top-three pick.

The Hornets have a 17.5 percent chance of acquiring the Pistons’ first-round pick. If they do not acquire the Pistons’ pick this year, they will receive it next year unless Detroit lands the No. 1 pick.

Odds of each team winning the lottery:

Team Pct.    Team Pct.
Milwaukee 25.0% Detroit 2.8%
Philadelphia 19.9% Cleveland 1.7%
Orlando 15.6% New Orleans 1.1%
Utah 10.4% Denver 0.8%
Boston 10.3% New York 0.7%
L.A. Lakers 6.3% Minnesota 0.6%
Sacramento 4.3% Phoenix 0.5%