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Charlotte Hornets star, retired NFLer’s mock ad take on Big Baller’s pricey shoes

The signature shoe for UCLA one-and-done guard Lonzo Ball, right, seen here with his father, LaVar, starts at $495.
The signature shoe for UCLA one-and-done guard Lonzo Ball, right, seen here with his father, LaVar, starts at $495. AP

The social media world is still drinking in the idea of a pair of $495 shoes from a new brand led by a man known mostly as a celebrity dad with a loud mouth and apparently, having a hard time swallowing.

LaVar Ball, though he once played on the Carolina Panthers practice squad, is mostly known for being the dad of UCLA star Lonzo Ball, likely at least a top 5 pick in the upcoming NBA draft, and his two brothers, who also apparently have a bright future ahead of them in basketball.

Still, most teens – and many adults – would have a hard time scraping up or justifying $495 for pair of shoes.

Thursday, Charlotte Hornets center Frank Kaminsky posted this wistful but pointed tweet questioning the hefty price tag of ZO2 shoes, the signature shoe for UCLA one-and-done star Lonzo Ball. The ZO2s hail from Big Baller Brand, fronted by Lonzo’s dad, LaVar.

The Starbury shoes Kaminsky once coveted as a teen still sell for as little as $14.98 on the company’s website. The shoes bear the nickname of Stephon Marbury, a former NBA All-Star who has played since 2010 in the Chinese Basketball Association, where he’s racked up a number of awards including MVP.

The $495 for one pair of Lonzo Ball’s signature shoes would buy about 33 pairs of the Starbury’s. Still, Marbury is offering to work with Big Baller Brand, ostensibly using his connections to help the Balls with manufacturing in China.

That $495 also would buy a lot of food, something that might rank higher on the priority list of teens with little capital. Cookout Restaurant, a regional fast-food chain founded in Greensboro, offered their own more filling way to spend that cash, like enough hush puppies – the deep-fried kind – to fill a bathtub or two.

The pricey shoes also inspired a retired NFL lineman to weigh in with his own spoof commercial for Big Baller Brand.

Anthony “Spice” Adams, a former Penn State defensive lineman who played for the San Franciso 49ers and Chicago Bears, shows off some fine dribbling skills for a 300-pounder amid the one-liners. Adams’ video is a must-watch, and it’s free if you’ve already spent all your money on shoes.


Did y'all see that commercial for Lavar Ball's shoes?

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Finally, here are a few more tweets about Big Baller Brand ZO2s.

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