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Which Gamecocks gained and lost the most weight this offseason?

Rick Sandidge’s father felt a personal touch from Will Muschamp in recruiting process

Rick Sandidge’s father felt a personal touch from South Carolina football coach
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Rick Sandidge’s father felt a personal touch from South Carolina football coach

South Carolina football released its full roster for 2019 spring practice this week, and that meant an important batch of data.

Who among these Gamecocks are bigger or smaller?

The listed weight changes were as high as 22 pounds lost or 21 gained. Twelve played moved at least 10 pounds in one direction or the other, five who are scholarship players.

Biggest weight gainers:

DL Cameron Johnson up 21 from 289 to 310

Buck Donovan Writ up 18 from 222 to 240

Defensive back Jamel Cook up 16 from 186 to 202

Kicker Eddie Buckhouse up 13 from 147 to 160

Wide receiver Bailey Hart up 12 from 173 to 185

Linebacker Noah Vincent up 11 from 209 to 220

Wide receiver Trey Adkins up 11 from 158 to 169

Defensive tackle Rick Sandidge up 10 from 285 to 295

The most interesting changes here are Sandidge and Cook. A transfer from Southern Cal, Cook was pretty skinny at his previous weight and 6-foot-4 pounds. Getting to 202 won’t make him a massive body, but couldn’t hurt in run support when he finally sees the field.

Sandidge was always going to be a more explosive interior presence than a space-eater, but moving closer to 300 can’t hurt in the thick of the action.

Biggest weight losers:

Tight end Patrick Reedy down 22 pounds from 270 to 248

Defensive end Kingsley Enagbare down 20 pounds from 285 to

Defensive end Tyreek Johnson down 15 from 270 to 255

Linebacker Eldridge Thompson down 14 pounds from 229 to 215

The last three are notable because each could factor in some way or another. Enagbare and Johnson were both bigger defensive ends who bulked up to play tackle. Dropping the weight could help fit them back at the end spots potentially. The Thompson situation is also worth watching as he was undersized out of junior college and missed most of last season with a shoulder injury.

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