Cedric Maxwell: 'I’m astounded how Judy Rose put this together'

Cedric Maxwell led the 49ers to the 1977 NCAA men’s basketball Final Four and played for 11 years in the NBA. He is now a radio commentator for Boston Celtics games.

“I’m astounded how Judy Rose put this together. I was skeptical about it at first, but they’ve done it right, it looks like to me. I went out there a few weeks ago and took a tour of the campus (which I didn’t even recognize) and went to the football stadium. I was blown away by it.

“I really got a sense of the excitement. This makes the university whole, at least on the sports side. It’s not just a basketball school now. It’s not going to be a football power, at least immediately, but it puts you in line to grow.

“I didn’t miss having football when I was there. The basketball players were the kings on the throne. We didn’t want to share any celebrity!

“I don’t have tickets, because my job takes up a lot of time during football season. But I’m looking to buy a couple of tickets to the game against against N.C. Central, which is where my mom went.

“My son Devin is playing football right up the road at Central Cabarrus High. He’s a 6-5, 275 offensive and defensive lineman. Hopefully he’ll be the next Maxwell at Charlotte!”