College Basketball

ACC basketball player survey: Should they get paid? Favorite coach? Worst arena?

The News & Observer surveyed 29 student-athletes during the the ACC’s men’s basketball media day Tuesday at Marriott City Center in Charlotte to get their thoughts on the conference and the issues facing college athletes.

Twenty of those surveyed believed they should be able to profit from their names, images and likenesses, and 20 — though not the same 20 — said they should be paid beyond the cost-of-attendance stipends they now receive.

Below is a highlight of the responses. The players were given anonymity to allow them to speak freely without fear of repercussions.

Other than yours, which ACC coach would you most want to play for?

  • Mike Krzyzewski, Duke (8 votes)

  • Jeff Capel, Pittsburgh (3)

  • Tony Bennett, Virginia (3)

  • Jim Larranaga, Miami (2)

  • Jim Boeheim, Syracuse

  • Jim Christian, Boston College

  • Roy Williams, UNC

  • Mike Brey, Notre Dame

  • Kevin Keatts, N.C. State

  • Chris Mack, Louisville

  • Leonard Hamilton, Florida State

Do you think college athletes should be allowed to profit from their names, images and likenesses?

Player: “Yes. Definitely. The NCAA, they are stealing from us. You are using my name to make you money. Why can’t I?”

Player: “Yes. Definitely. We’re actually starting to build our brand, and we should be responsible for our own image. “

Player: “It’s been a very touchy conversation in our locker room, but I think a lot of us agree that players should be able to. I just think usually players bring a lot of attention to the school with big names and what not. I think there should be certain limitations to it but I think it should be allowed. But there should be limitations so players don’t get millions because that’s when a player wouldn’t care about playing for the school. They would just care about where they would get the most investment.”

Player: “Cost of attendance has been very nice to us. I don’t know. That’s a difficult question. Maybe. Yeah.”

Player: “Of course. I’m all about the money.”

Player: “I’m kind of neutral on it. I think it is fair, though. That’s something guys should be able to do because it is their name, and I’m excited to see how it turns out. “

Player: “No. I’m one of those who doesn’t have a problem with our current situation. I’m thankful we get charter flights and free meals.”

Player: “I don’t want to mess with the integrity of college basketball but it would definitely help.”

Player: “I think so. I think we receive a lot of stuff now, but I think more could be done for sure.”

Player: “I’m really neutral on that. Because I really feel like they should, but there’s two sides to the story. So I try to stay neutral until I see how it goes, and then I try to make a decision.”

Favorite video game?

  • NBA 2K (9)

  • Fortnite (5)

  • Call of Duty (5)

  • Grand Theft Auto (2)

  • Mortal Kombat (2)

  • FIFA

  • Forza Horizon

  • Madden

  • Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon

Worst arena for a visiting team?

Player: “Virginia Tech. First of all, the city is kind of dead. It’s dark in there, too. It kind of throws you off a bit.”

Player: “Duke. The Cameron Crazies are on you as soon as you walk on the floor, from warmups until the end of the game there. They are heckling you. They are cursing at you. But again that’s fun. That’s a good environment to play in.”

Player: “Oh, Duke by far. It’s so little and so loud in there, you can barely hear your huddle when you talk.”

Player: “Duke. Duke is very tough. That crowd gets into it, and they feed off it. That’s tough to play against sometimes.”

Player: “Definitely Syracuse. You cannot shoot there.”

Player: “Pitt. We played there and someone threw popcorn on me. I was not ready for that one.”

Player: “Wake Forest because they don’t have many fans. No disrespect to them.”

Which ACC player not on your team would you most want to have on your team?

  • Jordan Nwora, Louisville (3)

  • John Mooney, Notre Dame (3)

  • Steven Enoch, Louisville (3)

  • Brandon Robinson, UNC (2)

  • Mamadi Diakite, Virginia (2)

  • Chris Lykes, Miami (2)

  • Armando Bacot, UNC

  • Juwan Durham, Notre Dame

  • Trent Forrest, Florida State

  • Tre Jones, Duke

  • Brandon Childress, Wake Forest

  • Jordan Usher, Georgia Tech

  • Braxton Key, Virginia

  • Vernon Carey, Duke

  • Jae’Lyn Withers, Louisville

  • De’Andre Hunter, formerly Virginia

  • “Anybody from Virginia.”

How do you spend your free time on the road?

Player: “FaceTiming friends. Just checking up on them...Or play spades. I love spades.”

Player: “If I’m in Miami, I might walk down the strip or something like that. If I’m in Pittsburgh, I’m going to the (Milk Shake Factory). Super good milkshakes. In Boston I’ll walk around and do some sightseeing. In Blacksburg at Virginia Tech, I’m just going to stay in the hotel room. Depends where I’m at.”

Player: “We use it as bonding time. We have NBA 2K tournaments.”

Player: “Usually I’m listening to music to prepare myself.”

Player: “I watch a lot of YouTube videos.”

Player: “I play NBA 2K with my teammates.”

Do you think college athletes deserve to be paid beyond a scholarship and cost of attendance?

Player: “Speaking for myself and myself only, I’m OK with (just scholarship and cost of attendance). That’s fine with me. I don’t really ask for much so I’m cool with that.”

Player: “I think there’s an image around the whole thing that we are not getting anything. But we are getting the stipend. We are getting free education. We work camps and stuff like that. So we are getting extra checks here and there. So to be honest, no because I think that will produce even more corruption than there already is.”

Player: “I don’t know. I feel like we get a lot right now. But at the same time, being a college athlete is very demanding, time consuming. Maybe not necessarily being paid, but definitely being able to make something off their name and likeness.”

Player: “I do think they should be paid. I don’t think they should be paid a lot. Probably $3,000 or $4,000 a month.”

Player: “If they had a set stipend, that would be more fair than the NLI (National Letter of Intent). If they broke down the bread from the tournament and it trickled down, that would be a fair way to do it.”

Player: “Some kids have different struggles. I think it should be structured on how the kids struggle. Some kids grow up with nothing. Kids send money back home to help support them because it is hard. So, yeah, a little bit more wouldn’t kill anybody.”

Player: “Yes. At the end of the day, the school benefits more than the NCAA does.”

Player: “ I think so. Like I said, a lot of people are making money off our image, and likeness. It’s above me, so I don’t know how it would work, but I’m sure something could be done.”

Player: “A little bit. I believe it’s a good idea. I just think it would be very hard to distribute.”

Player: “Not really. I think what they have now is pretty good. I think the only question I have is it shouldn’t make a difference whether you are on campus or off campus. It should be like since you are on the team you should be getting the same whether or not you live on campus and it’s closer or you live off campus. But I really like what they have now. But they should change the rule (for) kids who come from supportive backgrounds, maybe a silver spoon background.”

Player: “Just based off the NCAA makes, we should get paid. I know they make a lot of money off of us.”

Nicest road arena?

  • Louisville (9)

  • UNC (8)

  • N.C. State (3)

  • Syracuse (3)

  • Duke

  • Georgia Tech

  • Virginia