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NCISAA Fall Sports Playoff Pairings 10.17.17


Class 1A


Sanford Grace Christian (10-7) at Community Charter (8-9-1)

Woodlawn School (7-9) at Burlington School (8-7-1)

Hickory University Christian (11-5-1) at Greensboro American Hebrew Academy (1-10-1)

Greenville John Paul II Catholic (3-12) at Raleigh Neuse Christian (8-5)


Grace Christian-Community Charter winner at Ahoskie Ridgecroft School (9-4-1)

Woodlawn School-Burlington School winner at Kerr-Vance Academy (18-1-2)

University Christian-American Hebrew Academy winner at Sanford Lee Christian (15-3-2)

John Paul II Catholic-Neuse Christian winner at Greenville Oakwood School (11-4)

Class 2A


Raleigh St. David (8-7-1) at Concord First Assembly (14-4-1)

Burlington Christian (6-10-2) at Salem Baptist (9-8-2)

Gaston Day (11-6-2) at Asheville Christian (13-6-1)

Rocky Mount Academy (10-4-1) at Greensboro Caldwell Academy (9-8-1)


St. David/First Assembly winner at Wilmington Cape Fear (12-6)

Burlington Christian-Salem Baptist winner at Southern Pines O’Neal School (14-2)

Gaston Day-Asheville Christian winner at Carmel Christian (13-1-1)

Rocky Mount Academy-Cape Fear Academy winner at Cary Christian (12-4-1)

Class 3A


Durham Academy (8-5-2) at Raleigh Ravenscroft (9-7-2)

Arden Christ School (12-7-1) at Charlotte Latin (9-9-1)

Gaston Christian (17-2-1) at Covenant Day (12-7)

Providence Day (3-9-3) at Cary Academy (8-7-2)


Durham Academy-Ravenscroft winner at North Raleigh Christian (15-0-2)

Christ School-Charlotte Latin winner at Cannon School (7-7-4)

Gaston Christian-Covenant Day winner at Charlotte Country Day (14-1-4)

Providence Day-Cary Academy winner at High Point Wesleyan (19-0-3)


Class 1A


Community Charter (6-10) at Durham Cresset Christian (10-6)

Sanford Grace Academy (10-11) at Hickory University Christian (14-7)

Merry Hill Lawrence Academy (16-5) at Raleigh Neuse Christian (10-6)

Greenville John Paul II Catholic (7-10) at Erwin Cape Fear Christian (11-7)


Community Charter-Cresset Christian winner at Wayne Country Day (17-7)

Grace Academy-University Christian winner at Hickory Christian (14-5)

Lawrence Academy-Neuse Christian winner at Greenville Oakwood School (20-10)

John Paul II Catholic-Cape Fear Christian winner at United Faith Academy (12-3)

Class 2A


Winston-Salem Calvary Day (14-11) at Gaston Day (18-6)

Durham Carolina Friends School (12-8) at Westminster Catawba (14-10)

New Bern Epiphany Global School (13-11) at Raleigh St. David

Harrells Christian (8-10) at Fayetteville Freedom Christian (24-5)


Calvary Day-Gaston Day winner at Carmel Christian (13-4)

Carolina Friends-Westminster Catawba winner at Davidson Day (21-2)

Epiphany Global School-St. David

Harrells Christian-Freedom Christian winner at Wilmington Coastal Christian (17-12)

Class 3A

Pairings to be announced (first round is Friday)



Forsyth Country Day (4-5) at Covenant Day (4-10)

Arendell Parrott Academy (2-8) at Cary Academy (15-4)

Raleigh St. Mary’s at Durham Academy

Wilmington Cape Fear Academy (6-5) at Raleigh Ravenscroft (5-10)


Forsyth Country Day-Covenant Day winner at Charlotte Latin (18-0)

Arendell Parrott-Cary Academy winner at Cary Christian (15-4)

St. Mary’s/Durham at Charlotte Country Day (10-6-1)

Cape Fear Academy-Ravenscroft winner at Providence Day (11-8)