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SoMeck all-conference soccer, volleyball, tennis, cross-country teams announced

SoMeck All-Conference Cross-Country


Sarah Parrish

Catherine Halley

Taylor Houston

Jordan Cabrol

Emma Wiese

Jan Hu

Jenna Thornton

Amanda Watson

Josie Jordan

Paulina Armendariz

Jessica Brady

Isabella Hastings


Pace Clark

Haywood Ferguson

Murphy Smith

Elliott Schultz

William Fan

Steven Sobus

Griffin Cascone

Rusell Engle

Charlie Walker

Sean Teague

David Broud

Michael Broud

So-Meck Girls Tennis

All-Conference Team Selections:

  • First Seed Players:
    • Jenna Thompson (South Meck)
    • Lizzie Stassenko (Providence)
    • Alba Eceiza (Ardrey Kell)
  • Second Seed Players:
    • Sullivan Higson (Providence)
    • Avanthi Puvvala (Ardrey Kell)
  • Third Seed Players:
    • Ruta Petrikis (Ardrey Kell)
    • Sylvia Mihailescu (Providence)
  • Wild Card Players:
    • Maya Evans (Ardrey Kell)
    • Sierra Sanders (Berry)
    • Natalie Thulien (Providence)
    • Abigail Justis (South Meck)
    • Allena Opoku (West Meck)
  • Conference Player of the Year:
  • Jenna Thompson (South Meck)
  • Conference Coach of the Year:
  • Courtney Carlton (Ardrey Kell)

So-Meck Volleyball

All-Conference Team Selections:

Ashley Cruise (Providence)

Mya Duggan (Ardrey Kell)

Sylvia Duggan (Ardrey Kell)

Courtney Funderburk (West Meck)

Kelsey McDowell (Berry)

Riley Outen (Providence)

Carly Peck (Providence)

Isabelle Percoco (South Meck)

Quinn Pipitone (Providence)

Sophia Robinson (Ardrey Kell)

Maggie Slade (South Meck)

Sydney Snyder (Olympic)

Ellie Strickland (Ardrey Kell)

Conference Player of the Year:

Ashley Cruise (Providence)

Coach of the Year

Zoe Bell (Ardrey Kell)

Maggie Malone (Providence)

SoMeck Soccer

  • Goalkeepers:
    • (First Team) Joey Jegier (Providence)
    • (Second Team) Caesar Bonilla (South Meck)
  • Field Players:
  • First Team:
    • Clement Akerblom (Providence)
    • Jason Shealy (Ardrey Kell)
    • Andrew Brown (South Meck)
    • Zade Eldomiaty (Providence)
    • Ross Whipkey (Ardrey Kell)
    • Angel Rebodello (South Meck)
    • Jose Cardenas (Olympic)
    • Andres Maldanado (Olympic)
    • Jake Kelly (Providence)
    • Oliver Nuno Rodriguez (South Meck)
    • Second Team
    • Ryan Ayers (Ardrey Kell)
    • Chris Lung (Ardrey Kell)
    • Damien Rhodes (Ardrey Kell)
    • Garrett Jenkins (Olympic)
    • Taylor Cabaniss (Olympic)
    • Eric Allen (Providence)
    • Matt Rank (Providence)
    • Uriel Castro (South Meck)
    • Ameen Onasanya (South Meck)
    • Johnathon Littlefield (South Meck)
    • Conference Player of the Year:
    • Clement Akerblom (Providence)
    • Conference Coach of the Year:
    • Nicolas Sosa (Providence)