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NCHSAA may add a 5A class in its next realignment

It looks like North Carolina’s high schools could be getting a fifth class soon.

Raleigh-based HSOT reported that N.C. HIgh School Athletic Association commissioner Que Tucker made a big announcement at the NCHSAA annual meeting Thursday: Tucker said the association would study adding a fifth class.

Currently the NCHSAA has four classes, with the schools in Charlotte-Mecklenburg playing in 4A. If a 5A class is added, many of those Charlotte teams would be 5A. Some, however, would be 4A.

On Thursday, Tucker said the NCHSAA Board of Directors -- which meets in December -- will look a plan that would split the 4A class into 4AA and 4A. This is similar to a process already currently done for the football playoffs.

The association bylaws, as currently written, require the NCHSAA to operate with four classes. An amendment proposal is expected this fall to add the fifth class. That amendment could be voted on next spring by the NCHSAA member schools. To pass, it would need three-fourths of the schools to vote in favor, slightly more than 300 schools.

If the members vote it through, the NCHSAA board would draft a new realignment that would go into effect for the 2021-22 school year.

Currently, the association subdivides all of its playoffs, resulting in eight champions from four classes. Under a 5A scenario, Tucker said there would be five championships named.