‘Do I know you?’ Watch Dale Jr. meet his replacement, a rookie in women’s leggings

In a humorous tribute video by longtime sponsor Mountain Dew, Dale Earnhardt Jr. is replaced by a bonehead first-time driver who shows up in shorts, with women’s stockings on his arms.

“Junior! Wassup, wassup, wassup?” the man who calls himself Dewey Ryder asks Earnhardt. Dewey is played by actor and writer Danny McBride in the 2-minute, 41-second video.

“Do I know you?’” Earnhardt asks.

“Dewey Ryder, guys, Dewey Ryder. I know this is probably super bittersweet for you, but I brought my camera crew in the hopes we could capture a little passing-of-the torch moment here between you and I ,” Dewey tells Earnhardt.

“Nobody told you?” Dewey asks. “Oh, this is awkward. I’m the new you. I’m the guy Mountain Dew has been looking for. I’m going to drive race cars super-fast in circles, hobnobbing, endorsementing, driving Wild Mountain Dew all the time.”

“In that?” Earnhardt asks, looking at Dewey’s shorts. “Nobody races in shorts.”

“Well, Dewey does, because Dewey Ryder does not like to get super-sweaty.”

As for the women’s stockings on Dewey’s arms, Earnhardt says: “Doesn’t give you a lot of fire protection.”

“Who’s catching fire?” Dewey says with a laugh. “Not me.”

Dewey proceeds to ask Earnhardt if he can get the car “up to 60 ‘mphes’  ” and where the trunk space is to store his luggage. He asks where the switch is to create an oil slick “so that the bad guys spin out behind you.”

Dewey asks for the keys to the car. “There are no keys to the stock car,” Earnhardt says.

“Well, we’ll keep that feature,” Dewey says. “I’m always looking for my keys.”

A Dewey Ryder TV commercial will debut during Dale Jr.’s second-to-last race in Martinsville on Sunday and during Game 5 of the World Series Sunday night.

By the way, Earnhardt’s real replacement driving for Hendrick Motorsports in the No. 88 Cup Series car next season is Alex Bowman.

Joe Marusak: 704-358-5067, @jmarusak