Charlotte Hornets

Hornets’ Mo Williams started fast, then faded

Positions: Point guard, shooting guard.

Contract status: Williams becomes an unrestricted free agent in July.

Seasons in the NBA: Twelve

Telling statistic: Williams played dramatically better initially as a starter (19.8 ppg. off 43 percent shooting) than he did later as a reserve (14.5 ppg. off 34 percent shooting).

Season review: The Hornets have made a smart little trade at or near the deadline each of the past three Februarys. Acquiring Williams as a fill-in starter for the injured Walker worked out well. He carried a heavy scoring burden initially, picked up the system within three days and also distributed the ball well. He played heavy minutes and that caught up to him in April after Walker returned to the lineup.

Williams told Clifford in mid-March he couldn’t handle more than 26-28 minutes per game. He looked worn down late in the season and he suffered through a shooting slump. You have to accept the compromise with Williams that he is an older player and not a particularly good defender. That was easier to work around when Kidd-Gilchrist was available to defend an explosive point guard. It’s an open question whether the Hornets will look to re-sign him this summer.