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Tennessee woman accidentally gets a Jeremy Lin tattoo, then becomes his biggest fan

Online staff report

Screenshot from Holland Christensen’s confessional YouTube video.
Screenshot from Holland Christensen’s confessional YouTube video.

The way Holland Christensen tells it - in an 11-minute video posted to YouTube - she did “something really stupid” a couple of months ago.

She says she wanted to get a tattoo with a Chinese phrase - because she “likes to travel” - and she asked for a translation from someone on the Internet. “Obviously, you don’t do that,” she says in the video. “You don’t ask anyone on the Internet for anything.”

Her Internet “friend” tricked her into getting Charlotte Hornet Jeremy Lin’s name in Chinese permanently etched onto her ankle. Holland didn’t even know who Jeremy Lin was. But, after getting the tattoo, she quickly became Lin’s biggest fan.

“My first thought was actually, well he’s really attractive, so if nothing else there’s that.”

Holland recently attended a Charlotte Hornets game but was unable to meet Lin. But Lin tweeted this to her after the game:

He also posted this photo to Reddit, showing that he had inked the same tattoo onto his own ankle.

And then finally, she met him, while attending another game in Charlotte on April 25, when the Hornets defeated the Miami Heat 89-85 in game 4 of their playoff series:

She tweeted that the meeting brought "closure" on her tattoo, adding, "I turned a mistake into something good."