Carolina Panthers

Analyst: Cam Newton’s targets of non-separated receivers in 2016 highest percentage in NFL

If the Carolina Panthers are taking their offensive woes of 2016 seriously, they will draft a prolific receiver next month.

But this receiver needs to have specific strengths, among the most important of which being the ability to separate from coverage early on a route. analyst and creator of receiver analysis program “Reception Perception” Matt Harmon recently wrote about how quarterback Cam Newton led the league in throwing into tight windows. Harmon said that Newton (who statistically had the worst year of his career in 2016) had to throw to receivers with less than one yard of separation on 24.9 percent of his attempts.

“Newton completed just 30.9 percent of his passes into tight coverage, which was the second-worst mark in the NFL,” added Harmon.

But the Panthers can find a solution.

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Harmon joined the “Three and Out” podcast this week to explain that the immediate “fix” for Carolina at receiver is in this draft class - and who they might select.

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