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Dallas TV sports anchor rips Cowboys signing ex-Panther Greg Hardy

Former Carolina Panther Greg Hardy, pictured here in September, signed with the Dallas Cowboys on Wednesday.
Former Carolina Panther Greg Hardy, pictured here in September, signed with the Dallas Cowboys on Wednesday.

Here’s some of the reaction from Dallas media to the Cowboys signing former Carolina Panther and free agent Greg Hardy:

WFAA sports anchor Dale Hansen blasted the Cowboys on Wednesday, saying:

“Just when I begin to think the Cowboys can’t possibly sink any lower ... they can’t fall from grace any more than they have ... they find another shovel and dig a few feet deeper.

“Hardy’s only available because Carolina didn’t want him anymore, and only two or three other NFL teams did. Funny how so many teams would pass on such a great talent only because he beat up his former girlfriend. But your Cowboys didn’t, and so many of you are so happy.”


“Is there no line you won’t cross? Is there no crime you won’t accept? Is there no behavior you will not tolerate?

“The Cowboys have decided players who use illegal drugs can play. You drive drunk and kill a teammate ... putting everyone on that highway at risk ... there’s a place on this team for you.

“You can rob a department store and play.

“And now you can beat a woman and play with a star on your helmet.”

Why Cowboys had to sign Hardy

Dallas Morning News Kevin Sherrington wrote:

“No matter what you believe about Greg Hardy and whether he’s guilty of domestic violence, or if he’s what a former teammate ranks as something between “a harmless, cartoonish character” and “unmanageable,” here are the facts:

“He’s a premier pass rusher, the most-valued quality on the defensive side of the ball, yet the Cowboys were practically alone in their pursuit.

“The Cowboys reached when most teams didn’t because of their failures to build a roster from within.”

‘A teachable moment’

Fort Worth Star Telegram columnist Mac Engel wrote:

“(Coach) Jason Garrett should cease to mention and drop all use of the word character when it comes to evaluating a football player.

“A man who craftily says nothing as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, ostensibly because he is aware of the many facets of the organization he represents, has said everything about character with the addition of defensive end Greg Hardy.

“Coach Process is a fraud just like every other football coach in the NFL, or college, when it comes to character. Garrett is as desperate as the rest, and character matters when it’s convenient. We already knew this, but this is yet another reminder.

“Greg Hardy, welcome to Texas, where we love football almost as much as we love guns.”

In another universe, Cowboys would have said, ‘No thanks’

Jacquielynn Floyd, of the Dallas Morning News, writes that in another universe, here’s what the Cowboys would have said to Hardy:

“In a parallel universe, a place where we sometimes pretend we live but we really don’t, the Dallas Cowboys’ decision about free agent Greg Hardy would have been made before he ever came to town.

“The Cowboys would have said: “Thanks, but no thanks.”

“They would have said: “Sorry, but you’re a risk we just don’t want to take.”

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