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Panthers LB Thomas Davis blasts NFL after he’s fined $48K for hit on Bucs WR

Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis wasn’t thrilled about the explanation he received after his personal foul penalty last week at Tampa Bay.

He’s even more displeased with the result of it.

Davis said on social media Thursday he was fined more than $48,000 for his hit on Bucs receiver Adam Humphries, which drew an unnecessary roughness flag.

“As a 13yr vet that honestly tries to play the game of football the way it’s supposed to be played! I can’t imagine that this freakin’ tackle would cost me $48,620!” Davis said in an Instagram post, which included a photo of the hit.

“Not a single part of this play was dirty! I love playing this game but if this was illegal then it’s time for me to retire! #AppealOnDeck”

Davis decked Humphries after a 4-yard catch early in the second quarter. Humphries caught a pass in the flat and turned upfield, when the crown of Davis' helmet caught him in the facemask.

One of the officials threw the flag, then they huddled briefly while Davis tried to convince them the hit was clean. Davis was miffed when the call was explained to him.

“The explanation was (the official) heard helmet to helmet, which is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard a ref tell me,” Davis told reporters after the game.

Davis didn't want to comment further on the fine Friday, but said he's hopeful it will be rescinded.

"I'll find out after the appeal process," he said. "Hopefully I get all of it back."

Panthers coach Ron Rivera said he agreed with Davis that no penalty should have been called, but conceded he has a vested interest.

"I thought he hit the guy right at the shoulder-pad level ... and I think the guy kind of snapped into it. I don't think he hit him directly in the head," Rivera said. "But again I'm not the one that's going to interpret it and send out the (fine notice). And I am a little biased."

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