Carolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers to bring in two dozen undrafted free agents

The Panthers drafted six of the 256 draftees this weekend. Carolina will bring in nearly two dozen undrafted free agents that the team will sign or bring in for a rookie minicamp tryout.

The Panthers will have a real interest in four or five of the guys, general manager Dave Gettleman said Saturday. He referenced defensive end Wes Horton, cornerback Melvin White and safety Robert Lester as three players from last season they had interest in who turned into solid contributors and/or starters for the team in 2013.

Here’s a list of the players who will at least work out with the team at next week’s minicamp:

Texas CB Carrington Byndom; Ohio State WR Corey Brown; Montreal Carabins OL David Foucault; Miami OL Jared Wheeler; Missouri WR Marcus Lucas; Michigan State LB Denicos Allen; West Virginia DL Shaq Rowell; Ohio State OL Andrew Norwell.

Jonathan Jones