Carolina Panthers

Q&A: Carolina Panthers tight end Ed Dickson

10 questions about life away from football:

Q. Were you at Oregon when they started doing the crazy stuff with the jerseys?

A. You say crazy stuff with the jerseys. That’s crazy. Oregon’s mentality with the jerseys is, they change their jerseys every four years. When I was a freshman we got new jerseys, and right after I left they got new jerseys. Their combinations are endless with the pants and helmets. The interchangeable combinations is where it gets crazy.

Q. Were y’all doing all the interchangeable stuff when you were there?

A. My senior year we started doing more stuff with the helmets.

Q. Do you hate that you weren’t doing that as much when you were there?

A. Not really. If you look good, you play good. That’s the mentality there. It’s all about the guy in the jersey. They’re playing well and they’ve been playing well for about a decade now.

Q. What are some of your hobbies?

A. I’m from Southern California but my home is in Oregon. I’m an outside guy and I like being on the water and camping. I’m also starting to listen to different genres of music. I’m listening to country and some other stuff.

Q. You weren’t listening to that in Southern California, were you?

A. Not at all. Not at all. I always had friends who listened to it, but I’m starting to enjoy it more. Some Jason Aldean or some Florida Georgia Line. I can appreciate some of their music.

Q. Do your boys back in Southern California know you listen to country?

A. They make fun of me a little bit. But I can switch it at any time. I just appreciate different genres of music.

Q. So you’re from Southern California but you have a home in Eugene, Ore. What is home?

A. Home right now is probably Eugene.

Q. You’re from the Long Beach area, why didn’t you go to Southern California?

A. They were in my back pocket. I was a UCLA guy and UCLA offered me when I verbally committed to go to Oregon.

Q. Do you have a fishing spot here in North Carolina?

A. No, but I know DeAngelo (Williams) definitely does. That’s one of his hobbies. I was new this offseason so I was just worried about football stuff. As I get acclimated, if I sign a new deal or something like that, I love the city of Charlotte and I would love to get outdoors and do those things.

Q. Are you able to get outdoors here at all?

A. Not that much. I’ve been here going on six months. It’s all football right now. Once we get some downtime, maybe on the bye week I can get away and do some things. But right now I’m focusing on football.