Carolina Panthers

P@nthers Tweets before Steelers-Panthers game

The top tweets by and about the Carolina Panthers this week:


The future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious #KeepPounding


Grateful for another day to perfect my craft! #KeepPounding.


I appreciate all the thoughts and prayers from everyone. I’m feeling better and will be back in no time!


Our defense played there butts off and the offense answered the bell when it was much needed! #PantherNation welcome back @CameronNewton.


How many hours until Greg Hardy is placed on NFL Exempt Public & Sponsor Pressure list?


Cam Newton is underrated, and so are the Panthers. But that’s really none of my business. [Sips Bojangles iced tea]


Panthers had 12 catches all of last year that traveled 20+ yards in air. Kelvin Benjamin already has 4.


Mike Mitchell on fans in Carolina: “They’re high class people. They won’t be cussing (us) out giving us the middle finger like in Baltimore”