Carolina Panthers

Panthers vs. Steelers: Michael Persinger’s three takeaways

Three takeaways from Carolina Panthers game against the Steelers:

Benjamin showing progress

A first-quarter incompletion on a ball slightly behind him could be called a drop, but other than that, Panthers wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin was very good (eight receptions on 12 targets, 115 yards and a late touchdown).

Running game abandoned quickly

Carolina has talked a good game on running the football, but Sunday that talk didn’t translate into action. The Panthers had five rushing attempts in the first half and only 10 in the game. Jonathan Stewart (knee contusion) leaving early didn’t help.

For Pittsburgh, three was enough

All night, the Steelers were able to get pressure, and hits, on Cam Newton by rushing just three defensive linemen. That left a lot of players in coverage for Pittsburgh against a Panthers offense that was mostly one-dimensional anyway.