Carolina Panthers

Help Steve Smith up? Thomas Davis, Luke Kuechly say they won’t

Don’t look for Carolina Panthers linebackers Thomas Davis or Luke Kuechly to help Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith up if and when they tackle him in Sunday’s NFL game at Baltimore.

Both linebackers said they wouldn’t help their former Panthers teammate off the ground.

“We talk trash a lot,” Davis said. “We talked trash a lot when he was here, so nothing’s changed now that he’s gone.

“I’ll talk to him after the game, but I’m not helping him up.”

Kuechly echoed his fellow linebacker.

“Nah,” Kuechly said. “It’s one of those things in the game where everything’s happening so fast, you don’t know who you’re tackling when you tackle them. You just know that the guy’s got to the ball and you’ve got to bring him down.”

But in the third exhibition against the Patriots, Kuechly tackled former Panthers receiver Brandon LaFell in the first quarter and then helped him off the ground.

“That was the preseason,” Kuechly said with a smile.