Carolina Panthers

Q&A: Carolina Panthers safety Roman Harper

Ten questions with Carolina Panthers safety Roman Harper:

Q. What’s the attitude of this group right now?

A. We’ve got four games and we’ve got to finish. You’re playing for the name on the back of your jersey right now.

Q. Is that tough? Because it sounds like it becomes more of a personal thing.

A. It’s got to be about something. At the end of the day, what do you do this for? You provide for your family or your future or you try to make Pro Bowls. It’s all about doing that. We still have a chance. It’s not about anything else. It’s hard to continue to talk about other things when at the end of the day, you’ve just got to win ball games. Winning heals everything.

Q. I guess I thought you were saying it becomes more of a personal pride thing when you’re not winning ball games, right?

A. I’m all about production, and I’m focused on doing whatever I can to help this team, or whatever team I’m on. Putting my best foot forward and putting the best thing out there. And understanding I’m still a productive player in this league and that’s why I’ve lasted.

Q. The Saints lost three in a row at home and then go on the road and win. What are you expecting this week?

A. We all know who the Saints are. It’ll be a great home crowd. I’m looking forward to the challenge against these guys and actually going to the Superdome and playing on the other side. You understand the crowd is going to be a factor, and they’re very good at home.

Q. Has this game lost some of its luster because you guys are going in there on a losing streak?

A. Oh, not for me personally. It’s all about the win. I think other guys would attest to that.

Q. Why is that building so difficult for opposing teams to play in?

A. It’s a dome so it’s very loud. The fans are pretty drunk and having a good time. It’s more of a party than an actual game. People are dressed up, there are full-blown costumes. They take it serious. The fans are great fans, they’re dedicated. Unlike most big cities, the city of New Orleans, no one moves there for jobs. Everyone there is born and raised there and that’s all they ever know is Saints football.

Q. Are you surprised they’ve lost three in a row?

A. Nothing really surprises me in this game anymore. As much as I’ve seen, as long as I’ve been around, you kind of get used to it. When things aren’t going right, things aren’t going right.

Q. Do you still have a place there?

A. Yeah, I still have a place there.

Q. Is it for sale or are you going to keep it?

A. I’ll always keep my place there. I got a nice little place out there. I stay over on Tchoupitoulas.

Q. Can you tell us where to go eat?

A. There’d be a lot of choices.