Carolina Panthers

P@nthers tweets before the Panthers-Saints game

The top tweets by and about the Carolina Panthers this week.


Can’t wait to get back and start this run with my brothas!!

@WreakingHavoQ (Jason Williams)

When one door closes, another one.......well you know the rest.


Awful OL play, inconsistent WRs and isolation routes; Cam Newton’s struggles aren’t all on the QB.

@wesso_96 (Wes Horton)

Got to see the kiddos at @LevineChildrens today. Not only did i put a smile on their faces but they put one on mine #PayItForward.


Regardless of the Panthers record, it’s clear Saints defenders respect Cam Newton, a lot.


Jonathan Stewart is so good. Great vision, breaks tackles. If healthy, and got all the carries, he could be one of best backs in the NFC.


Drew Brees: 9th career game with 5 TD passes, tied with Peyton Manning for most in NFL history.


I see Ron Rivera finally admitted today that the Vikings 2 punt blocks for TDs were “first and foremost on me” sorry, way too late.