Carolina Panthers

P@nthers Tweets before Bucs-Panthers game

The top tweets by and about the Carolina Panthers this week.


My thoughts and prayers are with my brother @CameronNewton and his family. Positive thoughts sent ur way on such a scary day!#Wolfpack


We know what we gotta do (win win and at a time)!


BELIEVE!!! #WeDat.


Anyone with the words “Cam Newton” and “my fantasy team” in the same tweet should be banned from Twitter.


The #Bucs offensive line is a big joke ... but Josh McCown isn’t laughing. Tampa Bay needs to overhaul the line ... again.


“Tampa Bay, again? I got this.” - Derek Anderson, probably.


Cam Newton skips away... RT @chrislittmann: Whoa. Crazy fight breaks out in Panthers vs Saints game.


#Bucs coach Lovie Smith: “This week is a little different for us. There’s no destination Phoenix or anything like that.”