Carolina Panthers

3 reasons the Panthers could win it all

The records are wiped clean in the playoffs, and FOX Sports writer Alex Marvez gave three reasons why every team could win the Super Bowl.

The Panthers are the No. 4 seed and host the Cardinals on Saturday at Bank of America Stadium. Marvez said Carolina would run the table due to the respect factor, physical play and having no fear of playing at Seattle.

Marvez said teams respect the Panthers no matter their regular season record because of their four-game winning streak.

“Opposing head coaches should worry about their players taking the Panthers lightly simply because of their record,” Marvez writes. “That would be a big mistake. Just ask the 2010 New Orleans Saints, who lost in the first round against a division champion (Seattle) that entered the postseason with an even worse mark than Carolina.”

Six teams have won the Super Bowl after being the wild card since playoff expansion started in 1978. Four teams have won it since 2000, with the 2010 Packers being the most recent.

For more on the Panthers, and Marvez’ reasons on the other 11 teams in the playoffs, click here.

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