Carolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers practice at stadium, pipe in crowd noise to simulate Seattle

Seattle’s CenturyLink Field – in case you hadn’t heard – is one of the loudest stadiums in the NFL. The Carolina Panthers know it, and they piped in crowd noise during Tuesday’s practice to learn to deal with it.

Carolina opted to practice on the field at Bank of America Stadium rather than on the practice fields because the turf has a game feel to it, and also because the stadium traps in the crowd noise better than the practice fields beside Cedar Street.

“It gives it a different feel,” Panthers coach Ron Rivera said. “The guys were excited to be in there and it was kind of neat.”

No-huddle: The noise will be at its greatest when Carolina’s offense takes the field. If the Panthers want to continue their no-huddle offense, Cam Newton must be on the same page with his teammates with hand signals.

In Week 8 against Seattle, the Panthers only ran one play out of no huddle. Now they’re running it on nearly half of their snaps. In Carolina’s first 49 possessions against the Cardinals before running away with the game, the Panthers went no huddle on 22 plays.

“We were still working it in,” Rivera said. “It’s about the timing of when you do it and when you use it, and also what’s at stake. It’s also where we are as a football team.”