Carolina Panthers

Q&A: Carolina Panthers cornerback Josh Norman

Ten questions about life away from football with Carolina Panthers cornerback Josh Norman:

Q. You’ve become the talker of the locker room. How’d that happen?

A. Are you sure about that? Are you sure it’s not (rookie safety) Tre Boston?

Q. Pretty sure it’s you. You talk to the media a lot and you enjoy it. Why?

A. Yeah, I mean I don’t know. You guys don’t bother me. I don’t see why I would not talk to you guys. You haven’t come at me in any kind of way. Everything has been respectable, so why not show the same respect?

Q. Well we appreciate that. Do you enjoy saying the things you say and getting the reactions you get?

A. Well the things that I say are true, though! It’s not like it’s fabricated. They’re true. It comes to my head and I say it. I don’t know. I’m not going to be fake about it.

Q. But you had the clamps put on you during the Cleveland week where you couldn’t talk about Johnny Football, right?

A. I wouldn’t say all that. I would say that I mostly did that to myself. I mean, Johnny (Manziel), you hear all the talk. I didn’t want to give him all the extra hype and extra credit. For what? What has he done? He hasn’t done anything, so why would I sit up here and talk about a guy who came out of college and has played one game in the NFL? There’s nothing to say.

Q. Did you enjoy the media at Coastal Carolina?

A. Those guys were pretty cool but it wasn’t a crowd of mobsters like you guys. It was cool. It was straight. I got some prime time action. I was a dramatic arts minor so I was always doing stuff with film.

Q. I didn’t know that. Have you ever been in a play?

A. No. I wanted to but I was playing ball at the time and the coach wouldn’t let us do two things. I always had practice during rehearsals and plays.

Q. What’s your favorite artsy movie?

A. Hmmm. Would you classify “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” as an artsy movie?

Q. OK, sure. How about this: Who’s your favorite actor?

A. Matthew McConaughey and Liam Neeson. One of those two. I think “Taken” was, by far, one of the top movies. It’d probably be in the top 10 or top 15.

Q. When did you know you liked making people laugh and smile?

A. Growing up I always felt I was a little different than everybody else. People would go left and I would go right. I don’t know why I always did that, and I did it without even thinking about it. That’s always stuck with me.

Q. Do you bring the dramatics to the field after a big play? Even if sometimes it may result in a penalty?

A. Of course. I mean, that’s why these people buy their tickets. They want to be amused. I’m not going to be ridiculous, but I’m going to have some fun.