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Q&A: Carolina Panthers CB Lou Young

Carolina Panthers cornerback Lou Young.
Carolina Panthers cornerback Lou Young. AP

Ten questions about life off the field with Carolina Panthers CB Lou Young.

Q. You were on the active roster for Super Bowl 50. What was that experience like?

A. I was just living the dream. I was just a sponge, taking everything from all the vets and just trying to use it for this year as motivation.

Q. Did you get any attention at media night?

A. Yeah. I was blown away. I didn’t really know that’s how crazy it could get on media night. But for the first time it was a great experience. I was just humbled by it.

Q. What was the goofiest question you got?

A. One time they were bringing out like Fatheads of different (players’) wives. It was kind of funny.

Q. Were they asking you to identify the wives?

A. Yeah, like I could get a prize. I knew Cortland (Finnegan’s). He got a question right, so he carried around the Fathead.

Q. What’s this week been like being back out here?

A. A little different, a lot different. There was a lot going on during the Super Bowl. It’s two different extremes I would say.

Q. You had a crazy week in October. Can you take me through that?

A. I was in Miami with my girlfriend and it was about a week ’til she was due. (The Panthers) called me. We were just getting something to eat. They called me. I had to get on a flight. She’s worried I wasn’t going to be back (in time). I was like, something will work out. I think that was Tuesday or Wednesday.

Q. Did you go back before the game?

A. No. They told me Friday I’d be active. Saturday I signed to get active. I told her, ‘Well, I’ve got to play.’ (Laughs)

Q. What was her reaction?

A. She was scared and happy at the same time. I just had to calm her down, even though I was like nervous myself. I couldn’t show her that. I played the game (at New Orleans). I have to thank the Panthers’ whole organization for helping me get a flight (to Miami) late Sunday night. I’ve got Wi-Fi on the plane and I’m trying to stay calm. They told me she had to have a C-section. The only thing I’m thinking is there’s a knife involved. I was just scared for her. My cousin picks me up, get there, my baby’s there healthy (and) fine.

Q. What was it like when you walked in the room?

A. I was probably like 30 minutes late. So I head in there, (his girlfriend) and her mom were laying there. My daughter (Alani Jaide) is right there and I was just cheesin’ from ear to ear.

Q. Most importantly, how’s everyone doing?

A. She’s doing great. I FaceTime her every day. They miss me a little bit. But I tell people, ain’t too much that can make me mad these days. I’m just excited about that and living for her.

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