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No, Internet, Cam Newton is not being fined for giving away footballs

Contrary to what you may have seen on the Internet recently, Cam Newton has not been fined $253,552 for giving away footballs to children.

In fact, he’s never been fined at all for it.

[Panthers' Cam Newton gives kids footballs and lasting memories]

I contacted the league and was told by a spokesman that the league is not charging Newton or the Panthers the cost of the footballs, and the league is certainly not fining Newton for giving the balls away.

This is a classic case of not believing everything you read on the Internet. The latest falsehood came from a tweet Sunday night that’s been retweeted more than 18,000 times at the time of this post.

A Twitter user took a photo of Newton with an old quote where he talked about his car accident a year ago and attached the false information. The information on the tweet has made its rounds everywhere from national radio shows to Facebook posts.

It is true that throwing the ball into the stands during a game constitutes a $5,512 fine, but one is not fined for handing the ball to a fan in the stands.

Furthermore, Newton isn’t even charged the cost of the football, which apparently was another rumor that needs to be squashed.

Newton is big on philanthropy, but he’s not just giving the league a quarter-million dollars to keep up this giveaway.

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