Inside the Panthers

Panthers defensive backs replace sign with cooler-looking Thieves Ave.

The location remains the same, but the street name on which the Panthers’ defensive backs live got re-named this week.

After taking some heat for calling their portion of the locker room “Thieve Ave.,” the Panthers’ secondary members got a new sign and new name.

“Thieves Ave.” is the new name, and they got a much better sign thanks to Panthers coach Ron Rivera’s daughter, Courtney.

The new sign, a cool graphic design with a Charlotte flair, was hanging in the locker room having replaced the Sharpie sign made of cardboard.

“It’s terrible. It’s terrible spelling,” Harper said on Monday of the original sign. “So we’re going to get this corrected. You guys come back tomorrow and we’re going to have this thing right. ... I went to Alabama. I have a decent education. I know how to spell Thieves Ave. All right? Let’s go.”