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Panthers QB Cam Newton on Instagram: ‘I win my way’


Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton still has more to say.

Less than a week after the Super Bowl loss and three days after addressing the media in an exit interview, Newton posted an Instagram picture Friday with a long caption declaring that he’s not perfect but that he’s still striving for greatness.

Newton, wearing a white graphic t-shirt with the words “I WIN MY WAY EST. 1989” on the front, posed for a picture in front of a framed Muhammad Ali picture with one his quotes.

The post appears to be directly from Newton rather than a publicist or someone of the sort. Newton usually uses 1s instead of Is in his own posts.

The post, which has been edited for ease of read, is below:

“This season has been an incredible journey and I want to thank PANTHERNATION and all of the fans that (inspired) us to great achievements. (I am not perfect) and I will make mistakes but I will continue to work on improving each day trying (to perfect all my imperfections.) Pursuing greatness is my commitment, and I will continue to be (true) to myself, to my (family) and to making all of (you) who follow me (proud)! (I Will Win) .. MY WAY... and hope to (inspire you all to win…. your way!) -1OVE #dontBEaPUPPET #stayTRÜtoÜ”

That Newton is posing in front of an Ali picture is not coincidental. Newton has long been a fan of the heavyweight boxer and cultural force.

He wore several Ali-inspired t-shirts during training camp over the summer. Even the night before the Super Bowl, Newton was wearing a shirt that read “I am the greatest,” a nod to a famous Ali quote.

The framed picture in Newton’s background reads: “Only a man who knows what is like to be defeated can reach down to the bottom of his soul and come up with the extra ounce of power it takes to win when the match is even.”

Newton said this week he had no regrets for how he handled his post-game news conference where he answered most questions with a few words before walking off after less than three minutes.

He also defended his decision not to dive on a late-game fumble, saying his leg could have been contorted in a way.

There’s also a link in Newton’s Instagram page that takes viewers to an online shop where they can purchase the t-shirt for $24.

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