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Art company draws Panthers, Broncos as superheroes, Greek gods

Cam Newton as Superman
Cam Newton as Superman Chris Jensen

It’s a battle between heroes and villains. A clash of titans and gods. A tale of men and monsters.

Super Bowl 50 may very well carry the overtones of a Greek epic or comic book movie. And to celebrate, Nobilified, a Philadelphia-based art company, has created portraits that illustrate the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos as Greek gods and superheroes.

The drawings cast the players in a battle of established athletes versus the newbies and offense versus defense.

“I started to think, in a battle between Hercules and Superman, who would win?” company founder Chris Jensen said in a statement. “The ideas sort of flowed from there. North Carolina has been so dangerous and has essentially played like superheroes all season.”

Nobilified portrays Cam Newton as Superman; Greg Olsen as Thor; Josh Norman as Iron Man; Luke Kuechly as the Incredible Hulk; and Ryan Kalil as the Dictator from the 2012 film.

The Broncos have also undergone transformations of mythic proportions: Demarcus Ware is Hercules with Cerebus, a three-headed panther; Von Miller is Hercules and the Nemean panther; and Evan Mathis as Hercules wearing a panther skin, headed into battle. In Greek mythology, Cerebus is a three-headed dog that guards the Underworld, and Hercules fought the Nemean lion as the first of his 12 labors.

“If the Broncos want to slay the Panthers...each of their players is going to have put in a Herculean effort,” Jensen said.

Peyton Manning, also known as “the Sheriff,” is portrayed as a sheriff along with his “partner in crime” and deputy, Demaryius Thomas.

Jensen said he plans to give the paintings to the players after the Super Bowl.

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