Q&A: Fanny Rask

Fanny Rask, 24, is the older sister of Canes center Victor Rask and is a forward for HV 71, Riksserien, the Swedish elite hockey league. She was a member of the Swedish Olympic team in the 2014 Sochi Games.

Q: Are their similarities in your games?

A: “I think the two of us are quite smart and try to see the play before it happens, but then I play on the wing most of the time and that’s where we don’t play the same type of game. But we do have the same spot in the power play, so I try to look at him and see if I can bring something from it.”

Q: Did you once play on the same team with Victor?

A: “Yes, it’s true that we played on the same team when we were young, for a couple of years. It was fun. Right now I'm just so happy and proud that he (is) succeeding and that he is living his dream! Fun part is that we made our dreams come true the same year. I made it to Sochi and the Olympics, and Victor got to play in the NHL! That is quite amazing.”

Q: Victor appears to be a quiet person off the ice. Is that his personality, or does the family see another side of him?

A: “It might look like he's a soft-spoken person but he talks when something is important or if there is something that he finds interesting. He's not shy or anything. He just don't have the need to talk all the time. He just wants to play the game, and is pleased with that.”

Q: Where have you noticed the biggest improvement in his game in the past few years?

A: “I think that Victor always have a high lowest level in his game, makes good plays and takes a lot of responsibility out there.”

Q: How often do you get to see him play?

A: “Last year I watched about 45 of his games, eight games over there and the rest online. I got to see his very first NHL game last season (in Raleigh) and then I went back there at the end of the season for two weeks.”

Q: Both of you wear No 49. Any significance to that number?

A: “Victor got No. 49 when he came to Carolina, and I signed up for a new team this season and didn't know what number to choose so I asked Victor and he just said that I should take the same, so I did.”