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Local Golf 05.06.16



Round of 32

Andrew Smith/Mark Hodges d. Zachary Bishop/Matt Carter 1 up; Walter Todd Sr/Neal Todd d. Michael Caprio/Daniel Hendrickson 4 and 3; Tuck Burkinshaw/Daniel Neveu d. James Lightsey Jr./Matthew Hopper 2 and 1; Philip Oweida/William Rainey d. Tim Teaster/Holley Wallace 3 and 2; Thomas Todd III/Thomas Addison III d. Sammy Truett/Bert Atkinson 3 and 2; Kevin Driggers/Blake Williamson d. Nolan Mills III/Braxton McLennan 3 and 2; Jarrett Grimes/Chris Mitchell d. Travis Hall/Thomas Lee Jr 4 and 3; Justin Wilson/Kyle Eckenroth d. Doug Ramey/Kevin Hester 4 and 3; Paul Tucker/Brent Roof d. Cary Phillips/Ryan Reynolds 1 up; Michael Thigpen/Gregg Jones d. Rion Moore/Michael Sims 6 and 5; Josh Campbell/Will Jones d. Eric Nord/Scott Barnicle 4 and 3; Robert Dargan/David Dargan d. Matthew Crenshaw/Banks Wood Jr. 2 and 1; Andrew Price/Roger O'Connell d. Brett Parlier/Jesus Espina-Velosa 5 and 4; Taylor Ingle/Weston Bell d. Matthew Laydon/Jd Hoft 20 holes; Dustin Moore/Blair Bowland d. Jody Roach/Eric Brown 6 and 5; Mclean Boyd/Parks Price d. Dale Ring/Tim Dean 2 and 1.

Round of 16

Walter Todd Sr/Neal Todd d. Andrew Smith/Mark Hodges 22 holes; Philip Oweida/William Rainey d. Tuck Burkinshaw/Daniel Neveu 4 and 3; Thomas Todd III/Thomas Addison III d. Kevin Driggers/Blake Williamson 1 up; Jarrett Grimes/Chris Mitchell d. Justin Wilson/Kyle Eckenroth 3 and 2; Michael Thigpen/Gregg Jones d. Paul Tucker/Brent Roof 19 holes; Josh Campbell/Will Jones d. Robert Dargan/David Dargan 2 and 1; Taylor Ingle/Weston Bell d. Andrew Price/Roger O'Connell 4 and 3; Mclean Boyd/Parks Price d. Dustin Moore/Blair Bowland 2 and 1.