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78th Masters: Setting up the course

A hole-by-hole look at Augusta National, site of the 78th Masters tournament

No. 1, 445 yards, par 4: Slight dogleg right plays uphill, has deep bunker requiring 317-yard carry off tee.

No. 2, 575 yards, par 5: A dogleg left can be reached in two by big hitters.

No. 3, 350 yards, par 4: Hole hasn’t been changed since 1982. Big hitters can drive near green.

No. 4, 240 yards, par 3: This has become a long iron for big hitters, fairway metal for others.

No. 5, 455 yards, par 4: Uphill, slight dogleg to left. Two bunkers guard left side 300 yards from tee.

No. 6, 180 yards, par 3: Elevated tee to large green with three tiers. Getting close to hole a challenge.

No. 7, 450 yards, par 4: Tee shot is through chute of pines, played to the left-center of fairway. Green surrounded five bunkers, most around any green.

No. 8, 570 yards, par 5: Accurate drive important to avoid fairway bunker on right side. Hole is uphill, features trouble left of green.

No. 9, 460 yards, par 4: Tee shot should be aimed down right side for good angle into the green.

No. 10, 495 yards, par 4: Long hole that can play shorter if drive catches slope in fairway. Difficult to save par from bunker right of green.

No. 11, 505 yards, par 4: Big tee shot – and a straight one – required to get to crest of hill.

No. 12, 155 yards, par 3: Among most famous par 3s in golf. Rae’s Creek in front of shallow green, with two bunkers behind it and one in front.

No. 13, 510 yards, par 5: Accurate tee shot to center of fairway sets up players to go for green.

No. 14, 440 yards, par 4: Only hole without a bunker. Even if drive avoids trees on both sides of fairway, green has severe contours that feed ball to right.

No. 15, 530 yards, par 5: Cluster of pines maturing on right side of fairway. Critical to be straight off tee. Green can be reached in two with good drive.

No. 16, 170 yards, par 3: Hole played entirely over water, bends to left. Sunday pin typically is back and on the lower shelf, and pars from top shelf that day are rare.

No. 17, 440 yards, par 4: Eisenhower Tree, to left of fairway about 210 yards, could not be saved from February ice storm and was removed. Should make tee shots much easier.

No. 18, 465 yards, par 4: Trees get in the way of a drive that strays to the right. A middle iron typically is required to green.

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