PGA Championship

Here’s what to do if you’re caught in the rain at the PGA Championship

With rain in the forecast for every day of the PGA Championship, you’ll want to prepare for all possibilities before heading to Quail Hollow. Pack your sunscreen and sealed water bottle alongside a raincoat or umbrella.

In the event of a sudden thunderstorm, which looks like a real possibility all week long, spectators should seek shelter, PGA organizers said. A golf course is not somewhere you want to be during a lightning storm – grandstands, golf carts, isolated trees, hills and bodies of water can all become dangerous.

Notifications about incoming bad weather will be available on leaderboards throughout the course, and ideally, people should go inside even before the golfers stop play, organizers said.

Here’s the secret, though: if you’re not holding a high-level ticket that lets you into hospitality suites on the course, you don’t have to huddle in souvenir shops during the storm.

The tournament generally has a no-reentry policy, meaning that once your ticket has been scanned once, you can’t leave the course and get back in.

But if you leave because of weather, you can get in again on the same ticket, as long as you’re coming back the same day, organizers said.

The National Weather Service expects a 40 to 50 chance of showers and thunderstorms every day of the tournament except Wednesday, when the chance is only 20 percent.

High temperatures Tuesday through Friday will be in the low 80s, but the expected high rises to 86 for the peak days of the tournament on Saturday and Sunday.