Scott Fowler

Observer launches Sports Pass, for digital access to extensive coverage of Carolinas

If I’ve heard this once from readers, I’ve heard it a thousand times during my 24 years writing for the sports department of the Charlotte Observer.

“I don’t want the whole newspaper; I just want the sports. So why do I have to pay for all of it?”

Now you don’t.

The Observer has launched Sports Pass, a sports-only digital subscription for everyone who wants to stay engaged and up-to-date on every major sports team — not just in Charlotte, but throughout the Carolinas.

For $30 a year, Sports Pass is your golden ticket to unlimited digital access to every single sports story the Observer publishes on

That includes access to most sports stories published by the other six McClatchy newspapers throughout the Carolinas.

That means for $2.50 a month you get 24/7 coverage by McClatchy’s 20 sports reporters and columnists based throughout the Carolinas. We are talking about literally hundreds of stories, videos and photos every month about the teams you care about the most.

You get everything we write and film about the Carolina Panthers — where the Observer routinely quadruple-teams the locker room after games and practices to bring you the most complete independent coverage of the local NFL team.

You get all of our coverage of the Charlotte Hornets, where the Observer is the only independent news outlet that regularly covers the team on the road.

You also get top sports stories and videos from our sister newspaper, The (Raleigh) News & Observer, about Duke, North Carolina, N.C. State and the rest of the ACC. And daily beat coverage of South Carolina and Clemson from our colleagues at The (Columbia) State.

You get tons of high school sports coverage for Charlotte-area teams, as well as NASCAR, Charlotte 49ers and Davidson Wildcats coverage.

You get analysis, commentary and storytelling on sports that you just won’t see anywhere else. All that for a price of $2.50 per month — about the same as one iced coffee at Starbucks, if you don’t get the venti.

If you have a digital subscription to the full Charlotte Observer already — thank you. You already have this access, and the Observer’s launch of Sports Pass won’t cost you a penny more. But if you have ever wanted to read our around-the-clock sports coverage of teams in the Carolinas and been put off by the cost, Sports Pass is your new all-access pass.

With football season upon us, there’s never been a better time to read local, informed sports coverage. Want to sign up for the Sports Pass? Click here to get started.