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Could N.C. swimmers go 7-for-7 on Olympic medals?

North Carolina sent seven U.S. swimmers to the Rio Olympics, all of them looking for a medal.

At the halfway point of the swimming competition, those seven swimmers are still pitching a perfect game.

Before Tuesday night’s events, five of the seven had already had won medals. A sixth, Ryan Lochte, was nearly guaranteed one by virtue of his performance in the men’s 4x200 relay Tuesday.

The seventh is Cammile Adams, who because of the Olympic schedule had to sit in the stands and watch the first three days of the swimming program in Rio. She dove into the water for real for the first time Tuesday, speeding to a preliminary time in the women’s 200 butterfly that tied her for the No. 2 seed going into Tuesday night’s semifinals.

“I’ve been sitting around for three days,” Adams said Tuesday. “I’m excited to get the ball rolling. ... I want to be part of the medal club.”

Here’s a look at the medal count so far for the N.C. swimmers. Six of the seven listed here train at SwimMAC Carolina in Charlotte. The seventh is N.C. State swimmer Ryan Held – who made the Internet swoon with joy Monday night when he sobbed after the U.S. won the 4x100 relay.

GOLD (3)

Ryan Held: 4x100 relay, final and preliminary. Held’s meet is done.

Anthony Ervin: 4x100 relay, preliminary. Ervin, 35, still has the 50 freestyle left, where one of the most interesting men in swimming is always a medal threat.

Jimmy Feigen: 4x100 relay, preliminary. Feigen’s meet is done.


Kathleen Baker: 100 backstroke. Baker – who grew up in Winston-Salem before moving to Charlotte at age 14 – is almost sure to earn a second Olympic medal as well after her personal-best time Monday night. She will swim the backstroke in the 4x100 medley relay final Saturday night, where the U.S. should win gold or silver.


Katie Meili: 100 breaststroke. Meili will also swim the breaststroke in the 4x100 medley relay preliminary Friday afternoon but is not scheduled to swim the final. The U.S. should win gold or silver in the event. That means Meili – one of the most surprising Olympians on U.S. team – should also get a second medal.


Ryan Lochte: 4x200 freestyle relay. Lochte swam in the preliminary Tuesday and, at press time, was a possibility to swim in the Tuesday night final. Check for details on the race. Lochte also has the 200 individual medley still to go and appears healthier than he was in the Olympic Trials, when he was hampered by a groin injury.

Cammile Adams: The final in Adams’ only event at the Olympics – the women’s 200 butterfly – will be Wednesday at 9:54 p.m.

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