Scott Says

Duke diver Abby Johnston hoping for gold, not green (hair), at Rio Games

Being a doctor will have to wait for at least one more day, as Durham’s Abby Johnston moved from the Olympic preliminaries to the semifinals on Friday with a series of good dives in the women’s 3-meter springboard competition.

Johnston scored 333.60 points for sixth place, with no lower than 63 points on any of her five dives. Her best mark came on a 76.5 points on a reverse 2 1/2 pike, also known as “Another Ridiculously Hard Dive That You Couldn’t Do.”

Johnston’s American teammate Kassidy Cook also qualified for the semifinals by finishing eighth in the prelims. Scores do not carry over into Saturday’s semifinals. The top 12 divers will then advance to Sunday’s final.

“I had a really solid performance from start to finish,” Johnston told reporters afterward. “I don’t think I had any misses in there. My second dive was my strongest, but everything else, there were no misses and I’m really pleased with it. I feel like I can just get more consistent and stronger from here on out.”

This is Johnston’s final diving competition. She begins her third year at Duke’s medical school once she returns from Brazil.

The water at the Olympic diving pool has been various shades of green for a few days now.

“If my hair turns green,” Johnston joked, “I will send my hair-dye bill to the Olympics.”

BAILEY BOWS OUT: Kannapolis discus thrower Tavis Bailey, on the other hand, could not advance out of the preliminaries of his Olympic event Friday. Bailey finished 26th out of the 35 men hurling the discus.

Only the top 12 advanced. Bailey used to be a football and track and field standout at A.L. Brown in Kannapolis and now lives in Knoxville, Tenn.