Tom Sorensen

Duke’s one-game suspension of Grayson Allen was perfect – for Mike Krzyzewski

I respect the way Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski coaches and the way he leads. He could tell you a story about the Yellow Pages, and when he finished you’d be slapping the floor. Then you’d load your car with phone books and drop them on the steps of people who haven’t opened one since the inception of Wi-Fi.

Give Krzyzewski this. His suspension of Grayson Allen for (again) tripping an opponent was ingenious. Krzyzewski suspended Allen before the ACC could. And once the ACC backed off, Krzyzewski allowed Allen to play. Allen missed one game.

I have a question, and I’m serious. Some of us become our names. My second newspaper job was at the Minneapolis Tribune, and I told my dad I was going to change my first name to T. Just T. When my dad finished laughing, I told him that after further review I’d stick with Tom.

If Grayson Allen had been named Doug, Stan or Frank, Joe, George or Bud, Ralph, Rick or even Elmo, would he feel entitled to trip the players who dare to beat him off the dribble?

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